Stage|Set|Scenery 2019: SALZBRENNER media Presents a Wide Range of Products

15. June 2019

Berlin, June 2019: At this year‘s Stage|Set|Scenery trade fair in Berlin which takes place from June 18th to June 20th this year, the  SALZBRENNER media systems house will present its newcomer in hall 21 / booth 200: the electronic microphone winch MIC fly. This winch will be launched on the market as a 3D-winch after appropriate certification. The topic “custom made” will also be represented at this trade fair by the new SALZBRENNER media lectern.

Interested parties can also gain a comprehensive overview of STAGECAST, the solution for easy video-recording and distribution, NIO xcel (the series of Dante™ -based audio interfaces), the INSPIration stage management system and the POLARIS evolution SALZBRENNER digital mixing console complete this product portfolio. Since the end of 2018, the full-service provider from Buttenheim has also been responsible for the exclusive distribution of KV2 Audio products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the fields of theatre and maritime affairs. Corresponding KV2 audio products can also be found at this year's booth.

 SALZBRENNER media Electronic Microphone Winch MIC fly

The design of this electronic winch is customizable if needed, the standard size is about 60 x 60 x 20 cm, the weight is approximately 35 kg. Mobile use is facilitated by modern flight cases.

This electronic newcomer has multiple safety features and allows for synchronous operation of several winches. Using a common flying frame which can be moved three-dimensionally in space, up to 7 microphones can be operated simultaneously on four winches (similar to a spidercam in a football stadium).

Both – mono and stereo microphones can be attached to a single microphone winch. The MIC fly microphone winch also has a freely programmable user interface, runs smoothly and can be operated via tablet, network or wired.

Extensive Product Portfolio

With the proven stage management system INSPIration, the NIO xcel format converter series and POLARIS evolution, SALZBRENNER media offers three components whose professional interaction ensure smooth workflow in theatre.

NIO xcel offers a solution for the daily requirements of demanding production environments, which value maximum quality and flexibility.

The system offers something extraordinary: dynamic range of the microphone inputs A/D converters of > 150dB at up to 192kHz sampling rate and 32 bits, four analogue splits per input, seamless integration into existing Dante networks as well as complete redundancy of the power supplies and the Dante connection. A wide range of additional functions makes possible very flexible application: an internal DSP offers – in addition to EQ’s on the inputs, delay on the outputs and a mix matrix – also standalone operation.

Due to the availability of different product variants (analogue/AES-EBU) integration into existing environments can be implemented efficiently. NIO xcel is also flexible when it comes to physical installation, the 9 1/2″-version with shock absorber allows it to be used as required on stages, in mobile recording and for remote control applications. Different 19″ adapters are available for installation.

STAGECAST – The simple system for video recording and distribution

STAGECAST has also become an integral part of theatrical productions. This simple system for video recording and distribution has been specially developed for use in theatres, ballet schools, concert halls and opera houses and enables intuitively controlled recording of performances and rehearsals with up to three cameras.

In the field of custom manufacture the new lectern from SALZBRENNER media’s “special construction” division impresses with its versatile functions: The height-adjustable console integrates connections for audio, video, power and data and can be equipped with up to four microphones. Pivoting laptop trays facilitate presentation and a 32-inch monitor provides for e.g. electronic notes.

Sales partnership with KV2 Audio

Not only SALZBRENNER products can be found at Stage|Set|Scenery: The SALZBRENNER sales team at the booth also provide the appropriate contact people for KV2 audio products.

From the 18th to the 20th of June you will find us in Berlin in hall 21 at booth 200. We look forward to your participation and our discussions!

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