Systems Engineering & Custom Manufacturing

"Nothing is impossible" - True to this motto, our skilled personnel develop and manufacture individual solutions and special constructions to the highest quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001. Where existing products, concepts and solutions are insufficient due to space restrictions or historic building protection, or where challenges arise in compatibility between old systems to be retained and new systems to be installed, we create the right solution for you!

SALZBRENNER factory areas of expertise

Design & Development | Plang Engineering | Material Processing | Customised Small Production Runs


Our intercom stations in the Vietnamese National Assembly in Hanoi, for example, have the following characteristics and features:

  • Design, dimensions, language, labelling and functionality to customer specifications
  • Finish: anodised or individually powder-coated

Stefan Grosam, Precision Engineering: “In total, 184 different types with a total of 623 customised units were manufactured. Milled and powder-coated front panels and laser cut parts were used throughout. A major challenge was to monitor the accuracy with which a large part of the units had to be manufactured: in the design programme, work had to be carried out with an accuracy of 5 digits behind the decimal point in order to avoid cumulative errors when lining up the panels. Eventually, there was not a single unit in Hanoi that did not fit 100 % into the tables assembled previously. The project was realised in just 3 ½ months, so we even managed to shorten the delivery time for the customer by two weeks.”



Our lectern is available in many different configurations and is custom-made to your exact requirements. Feel free to choose from the following options:

  • Individual dimensions in height and width
  • Height adjustable (motorised on request)
  • Connections for audio, video, power and data
  • Stable stand with integrated castors
  • Electronic equipment with microphones
  • Lighting
  • Swivelling laptop shelves
  • Individual varnishing/staining of all wooden parts
  • Long drink glasses, suitable for cut-out in the script tray
  • Plexiglass mounting for a logo and/or a…
  • 32 inch monitor on the front panel
  • Protective plastic cover
  • Matching projector stand with:
    • Mains and data connection
    • Footprint measuring 420 x 420 mm


Many theatres make do with makeshift solutions for their prompter pit, which makes for an unpleasant and, in the long run, uncomfortable working atmosphere: hot lamps, cramped space, wobbly construction and too many individual, mismatched components in different places are just a few of the problems a prompter has to contend with then. For this reason, SALZBRENNER media has developed its own consoles in order to make the prompters’ daily tasks easier.
Here is an excerpt of the SALZBRENNER media prompter consoles features list:

  • Ergonomisch
  • Flach herunterklappbar
  • Standardmäßig LED-Schwanenhalsleuchten, individualisierbar
  • Individuell wählbare Kamera und Bildschirm(e)
  • Klemmen, um ein Herunterrutschen der Partitur zu verhindern
  • More information and details on our prompter desks:
    SALZBRENNER factory brochure


We offer our customers the ideal connection system for every eventuality and any stage: Surface finish to match the surroundings, various configuration options and individual production of one-off items.
Standard connection boxes:

  • Basic dimensions: 300 mm x 120 mm (W x D)
  • 1.5 mm steel sheet
  • Standard colour: RAL 9005, fine structure matt, other colours available on request
  • Built-in top-hat rail(s)
  • Slotted mounting holes (vertical / horizontal)

Standard build-in modules:

  • 1 DU Basic dimensions: 300 mm x 50 mm (W x D)
  • 2 DU Basic dimensions: 300 mm x 100 mm (W x D)
  • 1.5 mm steel plate
  • Standard colour: RAL 9005, fine structure matt
  • Build-in modules for XLR, BTR, CAT6, power sockets
  • Blanking plates and ventilation panels
  • Earthing lug for blade terminals
  • Labelling strips

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