Houses of Worship

We ensure good sound in religious buildings - from sound reinforcement, image and hymn displays to microphones, technology for the hard of hearing and procession technology.

Because God hears everything

For over 50 years, we have been providing good sound in religious buildings and church facilities: from room-optimised sound systems for church services and concerts, to digital song and image displays, induction systems for the hard of hearing, special microphones and portable technology for processions or funerals. Our experienced and competent technicians check existing systems, advise and plan your small or large modernisations or entirely new systems. We can provide everything from a single source: from dismantling old technology, laying the first cable, to installation and final fine-tuning of the products. Our precision engineering department can manufacture individual solutions that blend in harmoniously with the architecture of your buildings. Proximity and our in-house repair workshop ensure short response times in the event of technical problems.

Our church technology services:

  • Optimum sound reinforcement – even in difficult acoustic conditions
  • Video streaming of services
  • Technology for processions
  • Song and image displays
  • Analogue & digital amplifiers and loudspeaker technology
  • Technology for the hard of hearing / induction systems
  • Miking & room acoustics
  • Sound reinforcement tests and measurements
  • Speech intelligibility optimisation
  • Customised installations taking account of historic monument regulations


An excerpt of our customers who rely on our competence:

  • Bamberg Cathedral St. Peter und St. Georg
  • St. Bartholomäus, Buttenheim
  • St. Vitus, Hirschaid
  • St. Hedwig, Kulmbach
  • St. Michaelis, Stadtsteinach
  • St. Jakob, Bamberg
  • Unbefleckte Empfängnis Mariä, Stegaurach
  • al-Harām Mosque Mecca, Saudi Arabia

and many more. For more references and project details, please click here:




Fabio Di Giuro

Sales Manager

+49 9545 440-246

Stefan List

Head of System engineering

+49 9545 440-224

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