The PA System for any Building

PANTURA is a sophisticated PA system designed for a variety of applications including paging, public address, control, monitoring and emergency alert systems. For greater security, with scalable system sizes and user-friendly operation.




The PA System for any Building

PANTURA is a sophisticated PA system designed for a variety of applications including paging, public address, control, monitoring and emergency alert systems. For greater security, with scalable system sizes and user-friendly operation.



Many years ago we developed the first freely configurable PA and paging system. Wherever there are people, whether in public institutions, buildings or at major events - there will always be a paging and evacuation system that informs people and warns them of any imminent danger.
Our PA systems have been in use reliably for a considerable time and can be found in a wide variety of applications. Today's requirements and guidelines are constantly being expanded with regard to the safety of evacuation systems. Progress through innovation: PANTURA is a well thought out PA system for every type of building - for paging, public address, control, monitoring and emergency alerting. With new, convincing ideas for greater safety, with scalable system sizes and user-friendly operation.

Software Overview

Configuration software (via drag & drop), diagnostic software (tests the system during and after installation), external error message management

System Controller

Control of the signal matrix, monitoring of the signal paths, display of error messages, drag & drop configuration via PC, remote access, networking via redundant fibre-optic cable and much more

Speaker Matrix

Distribution of input signals to loudspeaker lines, 32 individual outputs, data bus interface for connection to System Controller, monitoring of the loudspeaker lines, emergency circuit for safe evacuation

Paging stations

Various configurations with different key assignments, layer switching, function monitoring, built-in loudspeaker, microphone monitoring


With PANTURA you can start on a small scale. Take a school for example: A compact school system can be set up with just one PANTURA Controller, one PANTURA Matrix and a few paging stations. A minimal effort, which pays off, because this system already offers full functionality. Several calls or background signals can be transmitted simultaneously to different areas, or targeted call direction with priority control can be achieved. And of course, PANTURA’s greatest advantage: a clever, resource-saving redundancy concept.

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Large installations benefit particularly from PANTURA’s intelligent, modular overall concept. Each PANTURA Speaker Matrix Module is connected downstream of the line amplifiers and can supply and monitor up to 30 speaker lines. The Speaker Matrix Module is controlled by the PANTURA Controller. A large PA system with up to 240 loudspeaker lines can be created with just one Controller. This makes it possible to provide space filling sound reinforcement for shopping malls, sports arenas or other large-scale projects.


Continuous monitoring of all system components including the loudspeaker lines is as much a matter of course with PANTURA, as the automatic redundancy switching routine in the event of a failure. If a fault occurs an error message is output in several places simultaneously: on a display directly on the unit, on one or more additional displays and on a report printer. Of course, there is also an acoustic alarm as soon as a failure is detected. In this way the defective module or broken connection can be replaced or repaired immediately. PANTURA matches the level of system redundancy very accurately to the requirements of the respective installation. This includes redundancy in amplifier power and networking up to double cable wiring.

EN 60849 compliant

An evacuation system is the one element that must never break down. PANTURA incorporates the latest safety standards specified by EN 60849 and complies with the European EN 54-16 product directive.


Urgent announcements, emergency calls and, in case of danger, evacuation Messages reach every corner of the building reliably.


PANTURA ensures flawless communication, targeted music playback and ambient sound in any public building imaginable such as shopping centres or schools, event rooms, sports venues or decentralised facilities on factory premises.


PANTURA's outstanding audio quality lets the system shine also in everyday situations.


A non-volatile flash memory of up to 46 minutes is available for the playback of voice and evacuation texts as well as chime signals.


Each time a call is initiated via the emergency circuit, it has the highest possible priority - higher than any alarm priority configurable by software


Our digital voice alarm system PANTURA has already been successfully installed at these locations:

  • Prinzregententheater Munich
  • Cultural and conference centre Worms
  • Concert Hall Bamberg
  • Clinic Franconian Switzerland Ebermannstadt
  • Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf
  • Congress Centre Rosengarten Coburg
  • Hans-Leimberger Grammar School Landshut

An overview of other reference projects can be found here:

Further projects



Alexander Kissler

Product Manager | Sales Support

+49 9545 440-220

Technical Data

PANTURA System Controller

  • 6 connectors for paging stations
  • 2 audio inputs / 2 audio outputs
  • System Controller PCT 622 L/622 H (128/512 MB Flash memory, approx. 9/46 audio minutes; no network interface)
  • System Controller PCT 622 LFO/622 HFO (128/512 MB Flash memory, approx. 9/46 audio minutes; Fibre optic interface)

PANTURA Speaker Matrix

  • Type: PMT 32
  • Paging area routing
  • Line monitoring
  • Amplifier monitoring – redundancy switching
  • Emergency circuit activation

Paging Stations

  • Robust metal enclosure with electret gooseneck microphone
  • Permanent paging station monitoring, including acoustic function checks for paging stations with onboard speakers
  • Microphone preamp with limiter for optimum speech intelligibility
  • 15, 31, 47 or 63 keys, freely assignable with fully illuminated (red/yellow/green) to indicate the switching status
  • Loudspeaker for monitoring function on PPS 31, 47 and 63. These paging stations can also be configured as an independent zone
  • Up to 32 programmable priority settings
  • Display of system error conditions using the unit’s keys