Hazard Warning Systems

Hazard alarm systems, PA systems, communication technology, media technology, and telecommunications - we offer you all these services from a single source, from planning and installation to maintenance and servicing of the systems. Whether for fire and hazard detection systems, access control systems, master clock systems or electro-acoustic systems for the transmission of speech, music or acoustic signals, we are certified for all areas.

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Industriemuseum Chemnitz

Safety in public buildings

In the historic factory buildings of a former foundry, the Chemnitz Industrial Museum introduces visitors to 200 years of industrial history in Saxony. The safety equipment installed by Salzbrenner media, from the Chemnitz branch office, includes: A fire alarm system with 113 optical smoke detectors, 106 heat detectors, 31 manual alarm buttons, as well as 11 optical line smoke detectors, a video surveillance system with 24 cameras, a burglar alarm system with approx. 120 motion detectors and 6 networked control centres, as well as an electro-acoustic evacuation system for area-wide alerting.

Fire alarm technology

The fire alarm systems we use can be expanded at any time. In addition to individual detectors, central control units can also be expanded. This makes it possible to monitor an entire building complex using a single fire alarm system. As a specialist company, we naturally only use certified fire alarm technology. As well as planning, installation and instruction, we also offer complete maintenance and servicing of our systems. Support is provided 24/7 by our service staff. This reduces the number of false alarms to a minimum.

Berufschulzentrum Chemnitz

Intrusion alarm technology

Intrusion and raid alarm systems are an increasingly important technology for ensuring the safety of people and property, especially in the public sector. This includes not only absence protection by means of intrusion detectors, but also the compulsory control of locking all entrances and windows before leaving the building in order to prevent theft.

Alarm systems

An alarm system must react reliably in the event of an emergency. Otherwise, human lives are put at risk if, for example, an evacuation announcement is not broadcast in an intelligible manner. The most important safety requirement for a new alarm system is therefore: it must never fail. Our PA systems are installed with this in mind. Systems from SALZBRENNER media are always customised solutions tailored to individual applications. We will only start delivery when all components are configured properly and working perfectly together.

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  • Branch of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Chemnitz: Low-voltage systems, FM-IT network, electroacoustic system and fire alarm system (approx. 700 detectors), SAT system
  • Schlossberg Museum Chemnitz: Electro-acoustic system, fire alarm system and intrusion alarm system
  • Industrial Museum Chemnitz: Electro-acoustic system, fire alarm and intrusion alarm system, video surveillance system
  • King Albert Museum, Chemnitz: Fire alarm and intrusion detection system, video surveillance system and personal security system
  • BBW Vocational Training Centre for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Saxon rehabilitation centre: Fire alarm systems (13 fire alarm control panels integrated in the network), intrusion alarm systems
  • TCC Technology Centre Chemnitz: Fire alarm systems (approx. 900 detectors)
  • Agricola Grammar School and Karl Schmidt Rottluff Grammar School Chemnitz: Electro-acoustic system, public address system, fire alarm system and FM-IT network
  • Redevelopment and extension of Chemnitz Sports High School: Low-voltage systems, FM-IT network, PA and fire alarm system
  • Burgstädt grammar school: Electro-acoustic system, public address system, intrusion alarm system
  • Central courthouse Hof: Fire alarm system with approx. 800 detectors
  • Vocational School for Technology I (industrial school) and Vocational School for Technology II (crafts school) in Chemnitz: Low-voltage systems, FM-IT network, electro-acoustic system, SHEV fire alarm and intrusion alarm system
  • Music Theatre Görlitz: Electro-acoustic system, fire alarm and intrusion detection system, FM-IT network
  • Bernburg Theatre: Stage management system, studio equipment, sound system, fire alarm system and intrusion alarm system
  • Seehof Castle, Memmelsdorf: Intrusion alarm system
  • ‘Kolonnaden’ shopping centre in Plauen: PA system, house alarm system, video surveillance system with connection to control centre
  • Shopping centre and commercial building in Berlin: Electro-acoustic alarm system and fire alarm system
  • Redevelopment of the Torgau sports pool: PA alarm system, fire alarm system, FM-IT network, video surveillance, clock system
  • Markkleeberg Senior Citizens’ Centre: Fire alarm system, video surveillance system, PA system
  • Federal Office for the Records of the State Security Service of the Former GDR, Chemnitz Branch: Fire alarm system, video surveillance and intrusion alarm system

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