Our hearing decides sensitively whether or not we like a sound. Professional audio technology from SALZBRENNER media makes listening a perfect auditory experience - in theatres, parliament buildings or acoustically sensitive environments such as churches. Each of our clients has their own individual expectations of good sound. With large crowds in stadiums, multi-purpose halls or exhibition halls, proper sound reinforcement is extremely important. We also ensure good speech intelligibility in schools, conference rooms and boardrooms.

Reliable audio technology is a matter of course for us

Anton-Bruckner-Universität Musiksaal © Simon Bauer

All-round service from a single source – sounds good! We can assist you with the examination of your audio paths or carry out measurements and room analyses. Repairing all defective parts and replacing worn components is no problem for us! We are also happy to arrange product demonstrations or offer advice to help you find the right audio technology for your requirements!

Our audio technology services:

  • Public address systems
  • Immersive acoustic systems
  • Studio technology
  • Sound reinforcement for houses of worship
  • Theatre technology
  • Digital mixing consoles
  • Communication technology
  • Technology for the hard of hearing

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