Stage Management Systems

Stage management systems are used for communication in theatres and opera houses. Scenes and routines on stage are monitored and the various departments are given their cues by the stage manager. This complex network is not visible to the audience, but it must function reliably to ensure a faultless performance on stage. We not only design stage management desks, but also take care of the complete stage management technology, including intercom stations, cue lights and every part of the media technology involved.

The link between art and technology

Inspizientenpult © Staatsoperette Dresden

Out of sight, out of mind : Backstage, theatres and opera houses are highly complex media networks. These networks have to function reliably in order to ensure a seamless performance on stage. We have been working with many theatres for decades. Equipping them with modern stage management technology including prompter positions, cue lights etc.

Our services for your stage management system

  • Visual inspection of the stage manager console for mechanical defects and security
  • Checking all switches and built-in components for mechanical and/or electrical functions
  • Checking the call and listening circuits in all rooms
  • Checking the cue light system including all mobile cue lights and mobile interfaces
  • Checking all existing cameras for function and control
  • Repair of all defects and replacement of worn components
  • Cleaning all control elements and the console surfaces

Your contact for stage management systems

Alexander Kissler (Product Manager)

+49 9545 440-220

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