Images and videos are becoming increasingly important in the digital age. These can be presented by various means - via projectors, digital displays, document cameras or video conferencing, which has increased dramatically in 2020. We create an individual concept for you based on your requirements and needs with the ideal solution of professional video and projection technology.

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Video streaming has never been more sought after than in pandemic times due to increasing demand for video conferencing. Digital signage is ubiquitous these days and we encounter it almost everywhere in our everyday lives – at the airport, in museums, in schools and in restaurants. Modern video technology is indispensable, whether in theatres or schools and universities. We provide the right technology for unforgettable experiences.

Our services in the field of video and projection technology:

  • Video surveillance & recording
  • Video streaming
  • Video recording & -distribution
  • Digital signage
  • Cameras and monitors for latency-critical environments
  • Theatre technology
  • Cinema technology
  • Conference equipment

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