SALZBRENNER media Installs New Security System At The Chemnitz Museum of Industry

17. January 2017

Since 2003, the Chemnitz Museum of Industry has been documenting the inventive talent and entrepreneurial spirit of Saxon companies, from the early days of industrialisation up to the present. Visitors get more than just a glimpse of an industrial history spanning 220 years—from mining and the textile industry, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, all the way to the social consequences of industrialisation. Following the museum’s decision to update its security system, the SALZBRENNER media systems integrator installed a new intrusion detection and fire alarm system that includes a personalised hazard management system.

Reliable Partner

SALZBRENNER’s collaboration with the Chemnitz Museum of Industry began around the turn of the millennium when the listed factory was refurbished and gradually transformed into the stunning museum it is today. SALZBRENNER’s VdS-certified branch office in Chemnitz, which specialises in fire alarm and intrusion detection systems, was in charge of consultation, planning, installing and commissioning the new system. In addition, the Chemnitz-based team secured a long-term maintenance contract for the fire alarm, intrusion detection and hazard management systems.

Fire Alarm and Intrusion Detection

The fire alarm system is based on a networked Zettler Expert ZX4 setup with microprocessor control and up to eight closed circuits. For the system update, a TOTAL WALTHER ZETADRESS 5000 system was selected to guard the venue against burglaries and assaults. The ZETADRESS 5000 provides the museum staff with a secure admission control system for up to 1,000 users within a radius of 1,000 meters. With its user-friendly visualisation of object messages, the intuitive full-colour touch screen immediately signals the areas where a situation developing.

Personalised Security

Both the fire alarm and the intrusion detection systems are linked to a centralised WinGuard hazard management system. With a view to tailoring the security platform to the museum’s specific requirements, the SALZBRENNER team personalised the WinGuard’s GUI based on the architect’s site plan, and added detectors and other security-related components.

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