The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria receives new media technology for their thoroughly refurbished head office building

02. May 2020
Das Kraftbild © Goran Gajanin/ IHK für München und Oberbayern

As part of the complete refurbishment of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce´s listed head office building, SALZBRENNER media was commissioned to undertake the general redevelopment of the media and communication technology. Twelve conference rooms, two control centres and several smaller meeting rooms were equipped with the latest audio, video and media technology.

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria is the largest institution of its kind in Germany with nearly 390.000 member companies. It is also one of the largest business networks in Europe. The IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria head office building comprises two representative buildings from the 19th century in the downtown district of Maxvorstadt. The engineering company Müller-BBM was commissioned to develop the concept and to supervise the structural engineering for the initial equipping of the events areas. The systems house SALZBRENNER media was entrusted with implementation of the project. In the course of general redevelopment of the head office building the audio and media technology systems were renewed. This included control and networking of the video and audio components and the digital signage system (for user-friendly media support of events and conferences). A total of twelve conference rooms were fully equipped with audio and video technology, among them the listed Handelskammersaal (chamber of commerce hall) and the Börsenssal (trading floor). The atrium, two control rooms equipped with four racks each, two control spaces and several smaller meeting rooms were upgraded to the latest state-of-the-art technology.


Conference rooms on the upper floors

The Börsensaal (trading floor), extending over two floors, is the largest and most complex conference room in the entire building. It is connected to an adjacent control room in the gallery from which all events on the upper floors can be monitored and controlled. From here, events can also be broadcast to other rooms via a dome camera and microphone. Additionally, three concealable projectors were installed which enables longitudinal and transverse projection in the oblong room. A permanently installed conference system enables the user to integrate the mobile conference intercom terminals.

The Handelskammersaal (Chamber of Commerce) is the second largest room in the building and unique due to its listed status. Like the Börsensaal it was equipped with assistive hearing technology. An induction loop was installed in both rooms in order to offer visitors with hearing aids an inclusive experience. Events in the Handelskammersaal can also be broadcast to other rooms. A camera and boundary microphone, as well as a projector with ceiling lift and a projection screen, were integrated into the room.

Atrium and event area

The two buildings are connected by a self-supporting glass roof over the atrium, which can also serve as an event area. For this purpose assistive hearing technology was also installed here. In addition the atrium was equipped with a large Absen LED wall, which can be used for presentations during events. Events can be broadcast to other rooms via another dome camera and microphone or they can be used to monitor the current event. There is also a mobile rack with input and output transformers, a video switcher for integrating a Thin Client and a multimedia PC which can, if required, be connected to the wall panel opposite the LED wall. On the audio side, optionally, the system can be switched into mixing console mode. The signal is then routed via Dante from the DSP to the mixing console and back. All sound sources from the wall panels, media players and wireless microphones can thus be adjusted in real time. An access point is also connected to the mixing console for remote control of the mixer.

Mobile technology for flexible use

The Beyerdynamic conference system is not the only technology which was planned as a mobile solution. In order to be able to react flexibly to various usage scenarios lighting, stage elements, lecterns, wireless microphones and video monitors were implemented in a portable manner. Apart from mobile stage pedestals, mobile digital stage boxes provide additional inputs and outputs for the mixing consoles. There is also an audio rack on wheels with radio receivers, a CD player and mixing console as well as power amplifiers for mobile loudspeakers together with video monitors on trolleys and analogue stage boxes for the wall panels in the conference rooms. All audio and video components are networked and controlled by proven Crestron media control technology. Projection screens, lighting and blackout blinds are connected via KNX to the building automation system.

SALZBRENNER media was responsible not only for systems integration but also contributed many custom-built components. All products were customised to suit the customer´s requirements, such as the projectors concealed in the ceilings, the integration of the control centre into an active office space by means of soundproofed and air-conditioned control cabinets, the proprietary lecterns with displays and the modified and customised mounts for all sorts of technical equipment distributed throughout the building.

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