SALZBRENNER media renews microphone winches at Saarländischer Rundfunk

28. April 2021

Large broadcast hall at Halberg in Saarbrücken receives modern MIC fly 3D winch system

Großer Sendesaal © SR/Ralf Schnellbach

As part of technical modernisation measures, Saarland Radio received a brand new 3D microphone winch system at the end of 2020, including an advanced automation control system. SALZBRENNER media, the full-service provider entrusted with the technical upgrade, replaced the outdated units, which had already been dismantled by the customer, with two specially adapted systems from its in-house designed and built MIC fly series. With their simple operation and software controlled pinpoint positioning, these 3D units offer significant added value in practice, in contrast to the manual analogue solutions used previously.

The total complement of six winches, pre-assembled by the service provider, were able to be installed by means of special mountings in the hall’s wooden net-lined ceiling, including the matching pulleys. In the case of the MIC fly models smooth communication with the specially configured programmable logic controller (PLC) and the in-house network infrastructure is achieved via a standard type B Ethernet connection. The state-of-the-art winch systems, which have been tested by DEKRA, shine in practice with up to 30 storable positions, flexible control, either from the hall or the control room, and also with whisper-quiet operation. For potential expansion, possible replacement of the two remaining winches was already taken into account in the PLC programming.

Innovative technology from our own in-house development as well as meticulous preparation during prefabrication and assembly guaranteed a smooth and economical installation for the customer and service provider during the successful implementation of the project. “The MIC fly microphone winches meet our requirements exactly. They can be moved pleasantly quietly and precisely over the required area in the room. In addition, simple and intuitive operation as well as storable positions were important to us, which were achieved perfectly thanks to the modified control system,” says Ralf Schnellbach, sound engineer at SR in Saarbrücken and the project manager responsible. “The cooperation with SALZBRENNER media also went flawlessly – from the planning to installation and commissioning of the 3D winches. We are now looking forward to using the new winches, especially for concert broadcasts and Deutsche Radiophilharmonie productions,” concludes Schnellbach.


Funkhaus Halberg © SR Pasquale d’Angiolillo (88 KB)
3D Microphone Winches MIC fly © SALZBRENNER media (98 KB)
Project Team © SALZBRENNER media (124 KB)
Großer Sendesaal © Ralf Schnellbach (201 KB)

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