SALZBRENNER media Presents Exciting Products and Initiatives at Prolight + Sound 2017

17. April 2017

Buttenheim/Frankfurt a.M., April 2017: At this year’s Prolight + Sound (4th through 7th of April) SALZBRENNER media will prove yet again that handling high-profile projects is only a fraction of the company’s unique added value.

SALZBRENNER factory—Designing and Rolling Out Built-to-Order Solutions

The SALZBRENNER factory concept is based on the conclusion that the industry often fails to provide solutions for big and small projects that meet all requests and requirements of real-life customers. SALZBRENNER factory closes this gap with tailor-made solutions and custom products built in compliance with the DIN ISO 9001 standard that deliver in every respect without sending the budget haywire.

Two products developed by the factory division will premier at Prolight + Sound 2017: SALZBRENNER media’s all-new Prompter Console solves all the issues that used to make prompting a tedious and often uncomfortable endeavour. Countless options are available to satisfy even the most demanding customers: camera and monitor screen selection, LED gooseneck lights, left- and/or right-hand operation and a highly ergonomic layout are just a few highlights of a remarkably clever concept.

SALZBRENNER media’s ultra-silent Microphone Winches are designed and built to order. Controllable from a tablet or via a network, they come with a freely programmable user interface.

SALZBRENNER Product Updates

The POLARIS evolution networked mixing system now also enables DAWs and external effects devices to be controlled remotely via so-called “Remote Strips”. These remote strips as well as the parameters and devices they control become an integral part of the overall workflow. Another breakthrough update is the new automation group feature with assignable system aspects that no longer need to include all of the console’s parameters. This allows for even more streamlined and flexible operation. The POLARIS evolution web app can be used to reconfigure the hardware and console layout at any time for lightning-fast (re)allocation of the required resources where they are needed.

The INSPIration-series Stage Management Consoles now not only support solutions manufactured by Riedel and ClearCom but also expand their intercom functionality to cover audio platform applications for public-address and monitoring purposes. In addition, the keys of these devices can be assigned operations and control functions inherent to stage management tasks.

The intelligent NIO xcel-series audio interfaces for instant and ad-hoc creation of scalable Dante™ environments in a live setting will also be on display at Prolight + Sound.

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