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The Future Today

The operational philosophy of POLARIS touch:
„touch what you see and you get what you need“.
This means intuitive operation based on clear, graphic representations, and no hidden submenus.

Because of the clutter-free display of the mixing console, users only see what they really need for the work at hand such as an overview of all parameters of a given channel strip. Touching the EQ graphic, for instance, calls up an intuitive editor with all required tools (icons and numeric fields).

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POLARIS touch – The Future Today

  • Concept

    • A cutting-edge, modular, flexible and, for the better part, self-explanatory event centre
    • Touch screen for uniquely intuitive and fast access to a host of functions
    • Networkable with Media Control: the one-stop access point to countless monitoring and control functions
    • Gateway to Immersive Acoustics Systems
    • Uses a NEXUS station as high-quality audio matrix backbone
    • Ideal for theater and opera houses, multipurpose halls, event venues and convention centres
    • Future-proof design—the console can grow as your needs evolve
  • Key Features

    • Intuitive touch operation with physical encoders and motorized faders
    • Clutter-free, intuitive touchscreen-based user interface:
      • Lightning fast access to all required parameters
      • At-a-glance visual monitoring of all relevant parameters
      • Intuitive parameter copy and isolation functions
    • The entire user interface is based on the “touch what you see and you get what you need” approach
    • Free combination of mobile remote controllers (smartphones, touch pads) with large mixing consoles (physical faders and encoders)
    • Spot-on—today and in the foreseeable future
      • Flexible hardware and software modifications can be im-plemented any time
      • Software updates, training sessions and maintenance ser-vice via remote access
      • All aspects can be customized to cater to operators’ requirements
  • References

    POLARIS touch scores in many venues, for example
    • Akademietheater Vienna, Austria
    • Kammerspiele Vienna, Austria
    • La Jolla Playhouse San Diego, California, USA
    • Schauspielhaus Kiel, Germany
    • Volksoper Vienna, Austria
    • Landtag Dresden, Germany
    • Landtag Munich, Germany
    • Mahidol University Bangkok, Thailand