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"Does not work – does not exist!"

True to this motto, our specialists develop and manufacture individual solutions and custom products to the highest quality requirements according to ISO 9001. This service sector of SALZBRENNER media has been employed in large and small projects for more than 50 years where - for whatever reason - existing concepts, products and solutions cannot be used.

Regardless of whether it concerns space restrictions on site, requirements for the preservation of historic monuments, new ideas and concepts or challenges regarding compatibility between legacy systems and new systems - the team at the SALZBRENNER factory achieves the right solution for you whether large or small, according to your requirements.


Our Services

  • Experienced Design and Development Department

    Erfahrene Konstruktions- und Entwicklungsabteilung
    • Planning and development of tenths of a millimeter accurate models
    • Creation of requirements catalogues in partnership with the customer
    • Illustration of the designs as a 2D or 3D drawing
  • Competent Plant Engineering and Construction

    Kompetenter Anlagenbau
    • Rack cabinet construction with equipment and wiring
    • Customized bespoke construction
    • Assembly, installation, initial tests, installation, configuration and commissioning in the factory
    • Wide range of products from voice and alarm systems to video, audio and stage racks and consoles to audio mixing desks
    • Integration of proprietary and third-party products
  • Modern Material Processing

    Moderne Materialverarbeitung
    • Production of customized equipment
    • Quality "Made in Germany"
    • Individual desk panels, microphone units and much more
    • Short production times
    • Certification according to DIN ISO 9001
  • Maintenance, Service and Servicing

    Wartung, Service und Instandhaltung
    • Preservation, maintenance and care of technology
    • Extension of durability of the plant
    • Maintenance contracts or individual orders
    • Telephone support and 24/7 service
Parliamentary Stations - just the way you want

Parliamentary Stations - just the way you want

For example, our stations in the Vietnamese National Assembly in Hanoi have the following attributes and features:
  • Design, dimensions, language, labeling and functionality according to customer requirements
  • Surface: anodised or individually powder-coated
Stefan Grosam, Precision Mechanics: "In total, 184 different types were produced with a total of 623 customer-specific units. Consistently milled and powder-coated front panels and laser-cut parts were used. A major challenge was to monitor the accuracy to which most of the units had to be made: the design program had to work with an accuracy of 5 digits behind the decimal point to avoid addition errors when stacking the boards together. Ultimately, there was not a single unit that would not fit to 100% into the previously assembled tables in Hanoi. The project was completed in just three and a half months and we were able to shorten the delivery time for the customer by two weeks."
A Lectern - Made Specially for You!

A Lectern - Made Specially for You!

Our lectern is available in many versions and is custom-sized and equipped according to your requirements. You are welcome to choose among the following options:
  • Individual measurements in height and width
  • Height adjustable (motorized on request)
  • Connections for audio, video, power and data
  • Stable stand with integrated wheels
  • Electronic equipment with microphones
  • Lighting
  • Swiveling laptop storage
  • Individual painting / staining of all wooden parts
  • Long drink glasses, suitable for cutting in the script tray
  • Plexiglass holder for a logo and / or ...
  • 32 inch monitor on the front
  • Protective cover made of plastic
  • Projector panel suitable for the lectern
    • Network and data connection
    • Footprint in the dimension of 420 x 420 mm
Prompt Corner

Prompt Corner

Many theatres use compromise solutions for their prompt corners, creating an unpleasant and permanently uncomfortable working atmosphere: hot lamps, cramped space, rickety construction and too many individual, non-coordinated components in different places are just a few of the problems a prompter has to fight. For this reason, SALZBRENNER media has developed its own consoles, which make it easier for prompters to work.
Below you will find an excerpt of the features of the SALZBRENNER media prompter consoles:
  • Ergonomic
  • Folds down flat
  • Standard LED gooseneck lights, customizable
  • Individually selectable camera and screen(s)
  • Clamps to prevent the score from slipping off
  • Further information and details about our prompter consoles:
    Brochure SALZBRENNER factory (German)
Microphone Winch MIC fly in 2D/3D

Microphone Winch MIC fly in 2D/3D

Our quiet-running microphone winches are designed and manufactured according to individual customer requirements. They can be controlled via tablet or network as required and have a freely programmable user interface.
Sample of attributes and features:
  • Altitude memory
  • Start-up and discharge brake
  • Hardware-end position switch
  • Slack rope safety
  • LAN loop through to other winches possible
  • Optimized for stereo microphones
  • Accurate positional feedback controlled by incremental encoder
  • Automatic backup fuse
  • Further features on request
  • Further information and details about our microphone winches:
    Flyer MIC fly
    Data Sheet MIC fly


Wir bieten unseren Kunden die passenden Anschlusssysteme für jede Eventualität und Bühne: zum Umfeld passende Oberflächendesigns, diverse Bestückungsoptionen und individuelle Fertigung von Einzelstücken.
  • Grundmaße: 300 mm x 120 mm (B x T)
  • 1,5 mm Stahlblech
  • Standardfarbe: RAL 9005, Feinstruktur matt, andere Farben auf Anfrage möglich
  • Eingebaute Hutschiene(n)
  • Langloch-Montagebohrungen (vertikal / horizontal)
  • 1 TE Grundmaße: 300 mm x 50 mm (B x T)
  • 2 TE Grundmaße: 300 mm x 100 mm (B x T)
  • 1,5 mm Stahlblech
  • Standardfarbe: RAL 9005, Feinstruktur matt
  • Einbaumodule für XLR, BTR, CAT6, Steckdosen
  • Blindplatten und Lüftungsblenden
  • Erdungsfahne für Flachstecker
  • Beschriftungsstreifen
  • Weitere Informationen und Details zu unseren Versatzkästen:
    Broschüre SALZBRENNER factory