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2014 - STAGETEC looks back on a year of trendsetting developments

2014 11 tmt AURUS PlatinumDecember 2014, Berlin: STAGETEC rejuvenated its product range this year with numerous developments. Innovative new models and advances in proven equipment extend the areas of application of the STAGETEC routers and mixing consoles. Premiering at the Tonmeistertagung in Cologne, Germany, the latest examples are the 2014 11 tmt NEXUS Monitor ControlAURUS Platinum, successor to the successful AURUS mixing console and NEXUS Monitor Control, a controller that enables easy monitoring of signals within a NEXUS network.

February saw the introduction of the IP-based broadcast mixing console ON AIR flex, with September ushering in numerous additional updates. In 2014, STAGETEC showcased several real innovations for NEXUS. The XDSP 06 signal processing board scored XDSP 06with its extremely high processing power, providing reserves for resource-intensive applications and the integration of DSPECIALISTS' ISOSTEM upmix algorithm in hardware. Presented in spring of 2014, the NEXUS XRT enables completely new network architectures. With over 8 000 audio channels it is a true giant among routers in the NEXUS audio network and facilitates even more powerfully consistent decentralisation of the Nexus XRT 1NEXUS routing concept, while laying the foundation for future mixing console designs.

“Our new products in 2014 are once again a testimony of our abilities. As in previous years, we have taken care to continuously develop our product lines,” René Harder, member of the executive board at STAGETEC states, elaborating: “This includes backward compatibility with the option to integrate new developments into existing systems. The newly presented systems will also be forward compatible, since they were conceived with the basic principles of the technologies of the future in mind.”