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Archive News and Press Releases 2014

Vivace: a complete system architecture for a host of captivating sonic experiences

Buttenheim, 20 November 2014: Intimate chamber music performances, large symphonies, multichannel musical productions - the flexible Vivace Acoustic System architecture can transform any venue into the aural space directors or artists have in mind for their productions.

2014 11 TMT VivaceVivace is a state-of-the-art electronic room-acoustics emulation system which compensates for deficiencies in the existing acoustics in order to create highly convincing spatial acoustic environments in any indoor or even outdoor location. Using a patented algorithm, Vivace creates acoustics in a virtual and therefore highly flexible way, which cannot be achieved using conventional physical acoustics modifiers. Vivace can be installed discreetly with little hardware visible and is therefore particularly suitable for improving acoustics of listed historic venues.

On top of that, Vivace allows users to freely move sources and effects within the acoustic space. Such movements take place in a three-dimensional space, which does not even have to be confined to the physical venue. Another novelty is the possibility to vary a source’s acoustic size, which adds a fourth dimension to the soundscape: the distance between the source and the listener. This distance effect can be simulated by varying the reverb level for each sound source individually. And, finally, effects can be automated through timecode control.

Result of year of cutting-edge-electro-acoustic research

The result of years of cutting-edge electro-acoustic research and development, Vivace provides a flexible solution to acoustic challenges in any venue. With a view to achieving the best possible results, the implementation of our acoustic system starts with comprehensive consultation sessions tailored to specific needs. The subsequent planning stage takes into account all relevant technical and architectural conditions, including any listed-building aspects. An ideal system configuration comprises both a series of speakers and microphones in strategic positions. These are required to create new spatial experiences by means of electro-acoustic tools. To leverage the system’s power, on-site support during the first events can be provided upon request.