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Archive News and Press Releases 2014

Mediagroup’s contracting branch updates stage management system at Rosenheim Cultural and Convention Centre

2014 11 rosenheim-AussenansichtButtenheim, 12 November 2014: Only four weeks after receiving formal confirmation, Salzbrenner Stagetec Audio Video Mediensysteme GmbH started working at Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Rosenheim (Germany). Within the framework of the second phase of the general overhaul, the out-dated communication system had to make way for a new stage management console, complete with a central intercom, monitoring and public address system as well as light signalling, stage talkback and video monitoring functionalities.

Although Salzbrenner Stagetec Audio Video Mediensysteme GmbH only received the order on July 10th, it managed to complete the comprehensive installation assignment barely one month later. Rosenheim’s building department had commissioned the overhaul project from Bluenode GmbH in Berlin.

Small stage management console, lots of functions

The Mediagroup installed a small stage management console of its PerformanCeTRL system, with several customised functions requested by the Cultural 2014 11 Rosenheim Inspizienientpultand Convention Centre: motorized height adjustment, monitoring, stage address, intercom, light signalling and video functions. The technology that takes care of all this is housed in a 19''-rack in the machine room, next to the fly bridges (above the stage management console). The intercom system is built around a central unit and three subscriber panels made by Delec GmbH, another Mediagroup member. The overall intercom system also includes ten wired and eight bidirectional wireless belt packs made by RTS/Telex to allow engineers and actors to communicate with one another on and off stage.
Five cameras were also installed, two of which are located at the centre in the rear part of the hall, while the remaining ones were positioned next to the stage gallery, on the portal bridge, and for use as conductor’s camera. All cameras allow for remote movements, zooms and focal adjustments.

2014 11 Rosenheim RackBetter communication

By early October, all essential tasks had been completed, and so acceptance of the new stage management system took place as scheduled. The new stage management system allows visitors, staff and artists to the Rosenheim Cultural and Convention Centre to enjoy much better communication.

Installed audio and video gear:

  • 1 PerformanCeTRL system with a compact stage management console (Salzbrenner)
  • 1 intercom system (Delec) with three subscriber panels (Delec), 10 wired and 8 wireless belt packs (RTS/Telex)
  • 5 cameras, with simultaneous control of 4 of them (monitoring and control from the stage management console, lighting console and machine room)
  • 12 two-colour light signals, seven groups
  • 3 mobile light signals
  • 4 microphones for monitoring purposes
  • 16 junction boxes
  • Talkback speakers on stage, can be addressed from the subscriber panels
  • Monitoring connections for the stage machinery, stage manager and lighting console
  • Paging capability and monitoring opt-in for ten paging areas