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VIVACE: A perfect sound for all classes

Individual room acoustics with VIVACE in the Moscow Folklore Theater

Moscow, August 2012: Theatre, concert hall and cinema – contrary to what the name implies, the Moscow Folklore Theatre (»Nadejka Babkina Theater«) offers more than just folk songs. Planned back in 2006 and opened to the public in 2012 this new 996 seat auditorium on the outskirts 2012 08-vivace-folkloretheater1of the Olimpijskij Prospect was designed from the outset as a true multipurpose venue. Consequently, the stage and the auditorium can vary in size and seating to suit a wide spectrum of events. This poses a particular challenge for the acoustics, which is why the theatre installed a VIVACE Acoustic System from the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP.

Installed in many prominent venues around the world, VIVACE not only enhances room acoustics but creates an individual acoustic signature for any kind of event. Predefined presets enable the acoustics to be changed at the touch of a button. The VIVACE system used in Moscow includes eight mics on stage and in the auditorium, which pass their signals to the VIVACE Mainframe processor. Vivace corrects these signals in real time according to the settings selected and outputs the results via the NEXUS digital audio router to the amplifiers and speakers. A total of 65 speakers are built in to the walls and ceilings of the auditorium.

2012 08-vivace-folkloretheater2A set of VIVACE presets were preconfigured on delivery. These cover the most important theatre uses and combinations. They range, for example, from »Short Stage, Chamber Music« to »Medium Stage with a large symphony orchestra« up to »Maximum Stage with Choir« to name but a few.

»The extraordinary quality of the VIVACE system is its extremely short response time which makes manipulation inaudible and its ability to simulate almost any desired acoustic perfectly.« says Sergei Osenjev from system contractor A&T who commissioned the Folklore Theatre system. »Although the auditorium acoustics are very good as constructed they have entered a new dimension with VIVACE«, he continues. The Folklore Theatre is the first VIVACE installation in Russia.