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Stage Tec’s AURUS controls DAWs

New software option converts AURUS console surface into a hardware controller for ProTools, Cubase and Nuendo

2012_04_aurus_controls_daw_215Berlin, April 2012:In many control rooms both is needed: a luxurious AURUS audio console and a DAW hardware controller. A new software option now makes it possible to use the AURUS channel strips and centre section to control a DAW via the HUI protocol. This offers extensive control over the DAW direct from the mixer and makes additional hardware obsolete.


Three programs are supported currently, Nuendo, Cubase, and Pro Tools running on Windows or Mac OS host systems. Up to 32 DAW channels can be addressed from the console surface so that the

faders, buttons and encoders control the corresponding DAW functions. The AURUS TFT screen displays key parameters including pan, EQ settings, and channel names. Mute, solo, record, and select functions are accessible from the respective keys on the AURUS control strips. Control of up to five aux channels is possible. Remote control also extends to the DAW plug-ins, which opens up a wide variety of editing options. Additional functions, such as storing or recalling locators, can be invoked directly from the AURUS.
Stage Tec is also planning to adapt the software to control other popular DAW systems.