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IBC: NEXUS Loudness Metering with PINGUIN Long-Term Logging

STAGETEC introduce interfacing the internal NEXUS loudness metering to the PINGUIN LndServer

Amsterdam, September 2012: At this year’s IBC, STAGETEC extends the functionality of NEXUS audio networks and NEXUS based audio consoles with another new loudness metering feature. With a new interface, loudness values measured by NEXUS are forwarded to the PINGUIN LndServer which writes them in a logging file. This enables the loudness values of a tv station to be recorded for subsequent analysis. The recordings can be of almost any length; embracing time frames of  days, weeks or even months. The system supports complex analysis of all three EBU parameters. Start and stop times can be set as desired even retrospectively.


»In broadcast where our systems are used widely, the importance of loudness metering is still increasing«, predicts René Harder, executive assistant at the STAGETEC development company in Berlin. »Our new interface to the most sophisticated loudness logging system on the market today eases significantly the burden of documentation and analysis of loudness measurements for our customers!«

Exactly one year ago, at the 2011 IBC, SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP unveiled integrated loudness metering for NEXUS. This enables each Base Device to provide simultaneous and independent metering for three audio programmes with up to eight channels each. The NEXUS software includes loudness metering in accordance with the ITU-R BS.1770-2, ITU-R BS.1771 and EBU R128 standards and enables external peripherals to be eliminated.

The software provides three loudness integration options: Momentary metering with an integration time of 400 ms, Short-term metering with an integration time of 3 s and Integrated metering with custom integration time, which enables Loudness Range (LRA) to be calculated natively within the NEXUS. The results of the Integrated measurement can be inserted directly as metadata into a Dolby E® stream.

The fully digital NEXUS is one of most versatile audio network and routing systems on the market today and is a core product of STAGETEC, the Berlin based R&D company within the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP. With a completely modular structure and connected via fibre-optics, NEXUS forms decentralized audio-networks of any desired size. A wide choice of boards configured individually and mounted in compact 19'' racks make NEXUS a true multi-purpose device providing not only audio routing but also A/D and D/A conversion, signal processing, audio format conversion, signal transmission (SDI), power amplifier control plus intercom matrix and talkback functionality.

Read more about the PINGUIN LndServer at

Please visit the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP at the IBC in Amsterdam in Hall 8 - booth C80.