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Archive News and Press Releases 2011

Bolshoi Theatre: Curtain up with audio technology by the MEDIAGROUP

Grand reopening: SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP delivered the audio networks, mixers, and stage management systems for Russia's premiere theatre.

2011_10-bolschoi-tagMoscow, 27th October 2011: If ever there was a theatre which is considered a national icon it is the Bolshoi in Moscow. Built in 1856 in its current form, the Bolshoi was the showplace of the Tsar and the Soviets and was reputed to have - as it was equipped originally - one of the best auditoriums in the world acoustically. On Friday, 28th October, the Bolshoi Theatre will reopen after six years of refurbishment. As a partner of the Russian general contractor SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP designed, delivered and installed major parts of the new audio technology.

Three large AURUS audio consoles with full channel counts were installed. One is at the heart of the theatre in the sound control room of the grand auditorium, where the outstanding acoustic properties have been restored. A second went into a central sound control room for the entire building complex with its numerous smaller stages, conference and rehearsal rooms. The third AURUS is a mobile console for flexible use, for example during rehearsals in the grand auditorium. A large NEXUS system with more than 30 Base Devices and several NEXUS-Stars networks all the audio installations. The system was designed from the start for maximum flexibility and expandability because, in the future other parts of the building, for example the newly built concert hall, will be integrated into the existing infrastructure.

2011_10-bolschoi-nachtTo ensure smooth operation behind the scenes, the Bolshoi also opted for a stage management and intercom system with nine consoles by SALZBRENNER STAGETEC. This was first time the newly developed system PerformanCeTRL had been installed. PerformanCeTRL combines the two well-established systems SALZBRENNER MEDIA CONTROL and DELEC ORATIS (intercom) forming an extremely versatile stage management and communication system. The PerformanCeTRL system at the Bolshoi performs not only paging but also controls the complex signaling via lights and bells and outputs automatic speech announcements. Finally, numeric displays show the number of the current scene in dressing rooms, the cafeteria and in other parts of the house.