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Wicked chooses NEXUS to go on tour

Internationally acclaimed hit musical opts for audio routing by Europe’s leading digital routing system.

Atlanta, USA, January 22, 2009: SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Inc. (aka STAGETEC USA) announced today that they have received a large NEXUS order from the internationally acclaimed hit musical WICKED. The system is to be part of their Second National Tour sound system that will debut in Fort Myers, Florida in March 2009.


Sound design for Wicked was created by internationally renowned sound designer Tony Meola. The decision to go with NEXUS was made by Tony and Production Sound Engineer Kai Harada, who contacted STAGETEC initially back in October, 2008. The system is based around a central NEXUS STAR router and 5 NEXUS base devices handling over 75 mics (including wireless), analog I/O, MIDI data and GPI/O signals that are connected via fiber optic cabling.

The main criteria for changing the system to fully digital was to reduce the size of the equipment and cabling. »Our missive from management was to make a smaller Touring package than our First National Tour, but without playing any smaller venues or reducing the size of the orchestra or cast, we couldn’t very well reduce the sound system itself; the most logical element to change was the cabling system,« says Harada.

Further to the reduction in size, Kai’s decision was based on the fact that the system is very customizable with great sounding digital mic pres that have a built-in split option giving up to 4 separate users independent control of the mic signal. »One of the most important goals to me was to ensure that the sound quality of the show would not suffer one iota if we went to a digitally-based transmission system; with the NEXUS system I feel very comfortable that quality will not be sacrificed — and it may even end up better than analog!« Not to mention the fact that with fiber optic cabling there is no more need for the huge boxes of analog multi-core cables making setup and tear down much easier.

WICKED's four North American and four international shows have cumulatively been seen by over 15 million people worldwide. On tour, WICKED has continued to break box office records and sell out multiple-week engagements since launching in 2005 in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas and Houston to name a few.

Since the company Salzbrenner was founded 45 years ago, the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP brand has strived to provide professional workmanship and technological perfection. Today, the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP is a dynamic consortium of three enterprises. Together, in their respective fields of development and manufacture, project engineering and distribution, they are European market leaders in audio and intercom technology. In North America STAGETEC continues to gain market share in the broadcast and live markets due to the design, proven reliability and flexibility of their product range.