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Prolight + Sound 2009: Escape from the Acoustic Dilemma

SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP presents electroacoustic reverberation modelling for theatres and event venues /Vivace as stand-alone application or fully integrated system for AURUS and NEXUS

Buttenheim, Germany, April 2009: The question? How to build an event venue with good acoustics for all kinds of performances and music styles, from lectures to drama, from chamber music to symphonic concerts? German pro-audio-specialist SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP has found a way out of this familiar dilemma for theatres and multi-purpose halls. The digital Vivace offers effective electroacoustic room-enhancement as either fully integrated solution for AURUS- and NEXUS-systems or as stand-alone application and allows for adapting room acoustics to any kind of performance from the FOH desk.

2009-vivace_aurusVivace (Italian for »vivid«) hardware configuration consists of a number of ambience microphones acquiring the on-stage sound and forwarding it via the audio backbone to the Vivace system. The system realtime analyses and processes the input-signals, then reproduces the results on a large number of carefully positioned build-in speakers. All room-enhancement processing is performed using a intelligent convolution algorithm, which enables any acoustic space to be modelled with the highest accuracy attainable. E.g. missing reflections and reverb can be easily added to rooms that would otherwise be too small or too absorbent for a large orchestra to perform. As the first system on the market Vivace considers electroacoustics and room parameters together with psychoacoustics for modelling the perfect sound.

Offering unparalleled user-friendliness and further advantages Vivace is also available as a fully integrated solution for AURUS/NEXUS-systems. All input and output signals are forwarded via the NEXUS audio back-bone equipped with STAGETEC’s patented TrueMatch converters. At the touch of a button the Vivace interface is reproduced on the bright AURUS screens. In combination with the AURUS scene automation the door to new and fascinating illusions is opened, since the perceived acoustics can be changed for each and every single scene. Moving from a small hut to a large ballroom? A walk in the park for AURUS and Vivace!