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Prolight + Sound 2009: AURUS: New Convenient Features for Live Use

Acoustic measurements from the FOH position with EASERA SysTune integrated

Berlin, April 2009: STAGETEC, manufacturer of professional audio systems based in Berlin, Germany enhance the user friendliness of their AURUS digital mixing console in live applications: EASERA SysTune, a software application designed to analyse room frequency and impulse responses in realtime, will be on show as an integrated solution for AURUS systems at Prolight + Sound.

2009-systune_aurusSysTune was developed by AFMG, a Berlin company specialising in acoustics software. The tool has been designed for sound-reinforcement applications and enables system tuning to be carried out in realtime and under live conditions, e.g., inside a crowded hall or during a concert rehearsal. SysTune constantly returns room frequency and impulse responses, enabling corrections to be made even during the show. The software was previously only available as a standalone application. Now, for the first time, it is available to AURUS customers as a seamless solution integrated into a mixing console. The necessary hardware components are hidden inside the AURUS, and all readings are made directly visible on the desk’s bright TFT screens. Any corrections necessary can be made conveniently from the FOH position using the SysTune interface acting on the integrated NEXUS audio network DSPs. Of course, if reference microphones are required, these are connected and their signals forwarded using the NEXUS. This reduces considerably the lengthy and expensive cabling of live productions. »AURUS is gaining more and more friends in live application fields such as musical theatres and multipurpose venues. SysTune provides clients who need to adapt to continuously-changing acoustical circumstances with a seamlessly integrated tool for measurement and tuning,« says Dr Klaus Scholz, managing director of STAGETEC.