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IBC 2009: Ideal for large NEXUS networks: The new OMUX

Convenient optical multiplexer features four separate ports

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, September 2009: SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP introduce the OMUX, a new automatic optical multiplexer for their NEXUS audio network, at IBC. The new unit is available in two different versions. The smaller variant is a plug-in board with a height of just 3 U designed to be installed in a NEXUS Base Device. It provides routing to one of four possible NEXUS network segments. The unit detects which of the four ports is currently receiving a signal and automatically activates it.

The bigger, stand-alone, 19" rack OMUX version is aimed at large-scale NEXUS audio networks such as those often seen in broadcasting. It includes four separate optical multiplexers, each of which is capable of routing one optical line to one of four individual segments. This powerful device simplifies the creation of redundant NEXUS networks considerably.

Compared with its predecessor, both of the new OMUX variants offer much greater flexibility. The LC optical interface slots accommodate a variety of modules enabling the OMUX to be populated to suit customer requirements. For example, a reasonably priced multimode port can be installed on the input side while mono-mode terminals can be fitted on the output side. The OMUX thus adapts ideally to individual needs and can even be used as a converter from one type of optical cable to another.