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IBC 2009 News: NEXUS with Dolby E® Encoder

First Audio Routing system with integrated Dolby E Decoding and Encoding

Amsterdam, in September 2009: STAGETEC enhance the Dolby E® capabilities of their NEXUS audio router. After the presentation of a Dolby E® decoder board at the IBC 2008, the audio experts from Berlin now showcase a matching encoder board: the XDEE (NeXus Dolby E Encoder). Today, the NEXUS is therefore the only audio router on the market to incorporate a complete workflow for Dolby E® signals.

The user can freely select up to 8 audio channels from all signals existing on the NEXUS system to be routed to the XDEE. There they will be encoded into a Dolby E® signal stream. Thanks to the NEXUS’ ability to forward Dolby E® signals (Dolby E® certified) transparently the resultant stream is then available for routing over the NEXUS network. As a matter of course not only signals encoded by the XDEE module can be routed, Dolby E® signals from external sources are distributed unaltered (i.e. as encoded Dolby E® streams) via the NEXUS.

xdee-fotoA special feature enables XDEE to deal with asynchronous signals: all discrete inputs include sample-rate converters. Moreover, the inputs feature delay and gain controls for optimum adjustment of the signal to be encoded. There is also an extra audio path for non-encoded audio which can be used, for example, to carry an independent stereo signal, or a commentary channel. XDEE locks to bi-level or tri-level video syncs and can generate word clock from this to synchronise the entire NEXUS network.

For on-board output XDEE features both standard AES/EBU and concurrent additional optical TOSlink ports. The board also provides interfaces for direct connection to NEXUS SDI boards. Thus, multichannel audio sent from the encoder board can directly be embedded as a Dolby E® stream into an SDI signal.

Comprehensive metadata handling is an additional benefit of the XDEE. Metadata is either generated from the NEXUS internal data and the NEXUS control software or forwarded from external serial sources. NEXUS serves as a centralised device for metadata generation and administration, thus ensuring a clear and effective metadata workflow. Just like audio, all metadata can be routed to any output on the system.

»Dolby E® is the de-facto standard for compressed audio with demanding TV productions, in particular, HD. We are proud to be the first pro-audio-manufacturer to offer a routing system integrating full decoding and encoding capabilities, thus ensuring maximum signal control. The XDEE is of particularly significance in large HD-enabled OB trucks and of course in TV-production studios and central control rooms—i.e. everywhere where surround broadcasting has become standard,« says Stephan Salzbrenner, MEDIAGROUP’s head of marketing and sales.

Dolby® and the double D are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.