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IBC 2009: Stage Tec introduces CRESCENDO

New compact digital console with configurable bus layout to be presented at IBC 2009

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, September 2009: »To provide the best solution for every customer requirement.« Consistent with their success-ful mission statement, the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP is supplementing their range of digital mixing consoles with a freely configurable yet compact desk. The new CRESCENDO targets the needs of customers in broadcast and live venues seeking an easy to operate and flexible desk yet also ready for demanding tasks. CRESCENDO fills the gap between STAGETEC’s successful flagship console AURUS and the small AURATUS with fixed bus layout and less DSP power fit for smaller venues (see comparison chart attached to this release).

Up to 300 channels and 128 buses
CRESCENDO features a freely configurable bus layout with a maximum of 128 buses. Up to 96 of these can be used as aux buses. In fully expanded form with seven DSP boards, the console provides a signal-processing capacity of 300 true audio channels–the same maximum DSP-power as the large AURUS offers. This is sufficient for even complex projects and high demands on console resources, e.g. surround applications which often require 80 buses or even more.

crescendo-linksUnrevealed convenient operation
Since STAGETEC introduced its »direct access« concept for the control surface back in 2002, STAGETEC desks are considered as among the user friendliest desks of its class. CRESCENDO continues this tradition and features up to 48 easy to reach channel strips with extensive visual feedback by its bright and switchable TFT screens and intelligent use of OLEDs. The console dimensions are compact ranging from 1100-2400 mm (43.3" - 94.5") in width by 540 mm (21.26") in depth. Thanks to this, CRESCENDO fits even into small control rooms or may be installed in an auditorium without taking up to many seats.

Software highlights with CRESCENDO include AUX-to-fader, or mix-minus-to-fader, functionality that provides outstanding, fast and simple control over the monitor-mix thanks to integrated auto-solo functionality: Auto-solo automatically routes the selected aux channel to the monitor, if AUX-to-fader is enabled (the feature can of course be disabled if it is not required). Broadcasters or live venues working with ever changing teams will also appreciate the new »store-snapshot« feature: the user's personal console configuration can be stored for each operator. To access it, dedicated rights set by an administrator are required. Thanks to this concept users can only edit their personal configuration and unintentional changes are prevented.

Integrated into NEXUS audio routing
Just as with the flagship console AURUS, all audio-processing and optical-interface components are accommodated in a NEXUS Star central router which serves as audio-routing matrix and provides a maximum matrix size of 65536 I/O's with a capacity of 4096 inputs routed to all available outputs simultaneously. As standard, NEXUS Star allows for the connection of two consoles to the same Star router making it easy to share the audio matrix between two desks at the same time. Of course, the RMD DSP boards of the two desks can populate the same NEXUS Star rack allowing for space saving installations. Sharing the matrix is of particular interest in live venues having one desk in the control room and another in the auditorium or on stage for monitor mixes. All signal processing is done with 40 bit floating point arithmetic and the NEXUS A/D-D/A-boards feature STAGETEC’s legendary patented TrueMatch®-Technology for superior audio quality and microphone splitting capabili-ties.

Quote from Stephan Salzbrenner, MD Sales and Marketing
»Since the introduction of the 54-channel AURATUS we were constantly being requested to put more of the AURUS power in a smaller console footprint«, says Stephan Salzbrenner, Managing Director Sales and Marketing. »We’ve been listening and have implemented their requests and more into the CRESCENDO. Those looking for a digital on air production or live theatre console to meet the demands of today’s ever changing productions need to see CRESCENDO in action!«