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Stepping out with the NEXUS

Showtec Communications’ new NEXUS system premieres at Singapore’s National Day Parade

Singapore, September 2009: It was a spectacular 44th anniversary for Singapore. Celebrated with a parade through the streets of Padang and a live show of dazzling performances and captivating visuals presented by hundreds of dancers and musicians on a floating stage in front of several thousand viewers. Showtec Communications Pte Ltd, one of the top professional-entertainment companies based in Singapore and supporting the pan-Asian market, was in charge of organising this major event and providing all the technical systems required. For Showtec, this National Day Parade was a unique premiere: It was the first use of their new NEXUS digital audio network.

Showtec Communications had been preparing for this day since May 2009. A NEXUS network with two Base Devices configured for redundant operation supported the amplifier towers. In combination with two more Base Devices, likewise configured for redundancy, at the FOH position, the NEXUS network was used for electro-acoustic treatments with EQs, filters and delays, as well as for distributing the audio signals.

Thanks to the duplication of all optical lines and extra reliability conferred by the ring network topology, the NEXUS offered increased dependability in comparison to the analogue solutions employed previously. Furthermore, Showtec Communications designed a multistage redundancy concept where at all times multiple audio and data lines were in parallel use with signal quality monitored continuously via TCP/IP and the NEXUS network itself. For this purpose Showtec Communications’ audio production engineer Mr.Kamal Adam Litak had programmed a level-related signal-weighting and redundancy switch based on the NEXUS logical functions. Failure was not an option since the National Day Parade is Singapore’s greatest celebration. The event was attended by the President, the Prime Minister and other top government officials and watched by millions of Singaporeans.

»Beyond any doubt, the NEXUS fibre systems are top class,« says Chandra Mohan (Senior Project Manager). »We were rather impressed by the response of the system. The latency was at a bare minimum,« he added. However, it was also the excellent sound that distinguished the NEXUS at the National Day Parade. The NEXUS’ patented high-quality TrueMatch converters ensured crystal-clear sound and consistent optical signal transmission eliminated hum completely.

Showtec opted for the NEXUS after an intense evaluation of all competitive systems on the market. In addition to the aforementioned high levels of redundancy and reliability and the comprehensive logical functions, the NEXUS also convinced with the simplicity of installing the complete fibre optic network system, which transmits up to 128 channels of audio plus data control.

»In retrospect, the National Day Parade was a great success« says David Chan, Managing Director of SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Sdn. Bhd. at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. »A success not only for the Singaporeans who watched this spectacular event in Asia but also for STAGETEC as well as for Showtec Communications who are now fully convinced of the NEXUS’ capabilities.«