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Archive News and Press Releases 2003

AURUS plays in Japan’s New National Theatre Tokyo

The Opera House of New National Theatre Tokyo has chosen the AURUS by SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP as the digital audio mixing console for their new sound control room. The theatre, one of the greatest theatres in Japan who creates modern theatrical art, contains the Opera House to perform operas and ballets, as well as the Playhouse and The Pit to perform dramas and contemporary dances.

»AURUS is the ideal console for the NNTT because it is a digital console designed for live applications,« says Saika Hirokazu from Vice President of Heavy Moon, the distributor of SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP products in Japan. »It is extremely easy to use - very close to an analogue console - but offers far greater flexibility combined with outstanding sound quality.«

Flexibility is a key point in the whole concept of the console: AURUS can be set-up in many different configurations, from a live console to an in-line style recording console. All configurations are stored and can be recalled quickly and easily. Thanks to a degree of separation between the blocks of fader strips, two or more operators can work on one AURUS simultaneously. This was one of the important features for the NNTT because their complex jobs sometimes require two sound operators for one performance.

Besides the main console, which is an AURUS with 48 fader strips, 128 audio channels and 128 sum busses, the theatre also ordered a slave console. Equipped with only 16 fader strips, the slave console is small and mobile. It can be temporarily installed in the auditorium during rehearsals and, even during a performance, it can be used in parallel with the main console to adjust the microphone inputs.

A NEXUS audio routing system is an integral part of the AURUS. It acts as both the I/O section of the mixing console and as the audio network router within the theatre. This is why NEXUS adds an extra layer of flexibility to the whole system! The New National Theatre Tokyo has ordered six NEXUS base devices; one for the control room, one driving the amplifiers of the PA system, two in the orchestra pit and two mobile systems.

All components are interconnected with fibre-optic cables. These light-weight and supple cables further add to the flexibility because they enable the slave console and the NEXUS mobile units to be used wherever they are needed.

In Asia, the New National Theatre Tokyo is the primary location using an AURUS. Other examples of the new AURUS are going to be installed in Europe in locations ranging from Bratislava in the Slovak Republic, to Luxembourg, Stockholm in Sweden, Brussels in Belgium and of course, the home market in Germany. In total, 12 of the new AURUS consoles have already been sold and shipping starts soon.

»We are very proud of installing one of the very first AURUS consoles in the New National Theatre Tokyo. This is such a prestigious site with a very well respected reputation,« adds Stephan Salzbrenner, one of the CEOs of the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP. »This also demonstrates how important and vibrant the Asian market is for us – and it illustrates the strong demand for our products.« The next AURUS sales in Asia will soon follow.