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Archive News and Press Releases 2001

Stage Tec sells 150th CANTUS console to RTBF

Audio manufacturer Stage Tec has announced the 150th sale of its CANTUS digital broadcast audio console, to the Belgian public broadcaster Radio-télévision belge de la Communauté française RTBF, based in Brussels.

RTBF already owns a number of CANTUS consoles and Stage Tec NEXUS digital routing systems, with major installations at its Liège and Charlerois regional studios. The company took delivery of its latest CANTUS desk during the summer and is currently using it for training purposes in a demo studio until its new TV Outside Broadcast truck is completed end of October - the eventual home for the console. The OB truck will handle concerts, sports events and general reporting tasks, equipped with eight cameras.

Daniel Dejaeghere, head of RTBF's Ouside Broadcast department, comments: »Our choice was partly based on the fact that RTBF is already the owner of several Stage Tec CANTUS consoles and NEXUS network systems, and because it is the best choice for flexibility and, most of all, for its excellent human interface. The experience of RTBF with its existing CANTUS consoles has been extremely positive for the console operators, and for all of the people involved in maintenance at RTBF. We are very happy that our new OB van will be equipped with another CANTUS console, which helps to make it one of the best-equipped TV OB vans in Europe.«

The newly-purchased system comprises a 48-fader CANTUS console, with three NEXUS Stage Boxes with fibre-optic links.
Dejaeghere adds: »Another of our major decision criteria was the ability to have totally flexible use of the outside broadcast equipment, so that it could be configured in a loop or star configuration, allowing us to have the very important ability to have backup in the event of an audio conmnection breaking. The CANTUS gives us all the flexibility we need, and has proved to be incredibly reliable in operation.«