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Archive News and Press Releases 2001

Autumn 2001: TrueMatch RMC, NEXUS Signalprocessor XDSP, NEXUS XER

TrueMatch RMC:

Stage Tec will introduce TrueMatch RMC, the revised high-end A/D converter for microphone signals.

NEXUS Signalprocessor XDSP:

The entirely new developed Nexus XDSP signal-processing board provides five times more processing power than the previous version - with identical power specifications and weight!

NEXUS XER (Preliminary):

The current version of Stage Tec's XER board (AES/EBU-input board) is ready for digital-microphone connection. The newly developed version of the board will support the regulations of the recently approved AES 42-2001 standard. Further, the board will be equipped with sample-rate converters able to process the entire audio-data width of 24 bits. Enabling these converters affects the dynamic range only marginally: 142 dB (A) are achieved!

By the way: Stage Tec gladly announces the 150th installation of CANTUS, the successful digital mixing-console system (ob-van at Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française).