New microphone winch system for the west german broadcasting service in Cologne

15. July 2020

A new SALZBRENNER media microphone winch system in the Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal (the WDR´s large broadcasting hall) comprising of 29 2D winches and one 3D winch system ensures pinpointed high-quality audio recordings. The control and drive technology of the freely placeable support for the microphone traverse is the result of a collaboration between SALZBRENNER media and Beckhoff Automation, best known for the development of the SpiderCam® (spidercam GmbH) control technology.

High quality recordings ensured by „MIC fly“ 3D microphone winch system

The production complex belonging to the Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal, the WDR´s large broadcasting hall in Cologne, is predominantly used for live productions for radio, television and internet. The radio orchestra and the WDR Big Band are main users of the hall. SALZBRENNER media, the audio, video and media technology specialist from Upper Franconia was commissioned to renew the entire microphone winch system, which is crucial for the WDR´s high quality recordings.

Read more about our microphone winch system and the project in Cologne here:


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