MIC fly – The New Microphone Winch in 2D/3D from SALZBRENNER media

15. March 2019

Buttenheim/Berlin, March 2019: At Stage|Set|Scenery in Berlin, taking place June 18-20, 2019, SALZBRENNER media will present its new microphone winch “MIC fly” for the first time. These quiet running microphone winches can be individually configured and manufactured according to customer requirements. The design can be adjusted, if required. The standard size is approx. 60 x 60 x 20 cm, and the weight is approx. 35 kg. Modern flight cases facilitate use on tour. 

It is particularly worth noting that the MIC fly microphone winches from SALZBRENNER media can also be controlled via touch pad and web browser over LAN/WLAN by using a software application with freely programmable user interface. The operating tablet can either be mounted on the wall or can be used as a mobile device. Individual single movements of the winch are possible: The parking position of a winch is stored – the corresponding configuration can be subsequently called up via the tablet at the touch of a button.

Another remarkable feature of the MIC fly microphone winches in 2D/3D is the synchronous operation of four winches in a cluster, which enables positioning in a three-dimensional working area. Using a common flying frame, which can be moved three-dimensionally at the location, up to 7 microphones can be operated simultaneously on four winches (similar to a spidercam in a football stadium).

The MIC fly microphone winch from SALZBRENNER media is designed to position microphones at event and production facilities in a way that enables high-quality audio recordings. Applications of this microphone winch are found in broadcasting, in the event sector as well as in theatres and on stages. Thanks to the individualisation of the construction and the 2D or 3D operation, it is extremely versatile.

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