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  • Linz Theatre, Austria

    Linz Theatre, Austria

    Systems Integrator

    turnkey systems solutions all over the world
  • National Assembly, Vietnam

    National Assembly, Vietnam

    custom-made turnkey systems solutions

  • Alexandrinsky Theatre, Russia

    Alexandrinsky Theatre, Russia

    timely project planning and implementation

  • Convention Center, Qatar

    Convention Center, Qatar

    top-notch development, production and construction

  • Chemnitz Museum of Industry, Germany

    Chemnitz Museum of Industry, Germany

    over 50 years experience as a systems integrator

Regional, National, International – Turnkey Systems and Project Solutions on a Global Scale

We are one of the leading systems integrators for professional audio, video and media solutions. Our experience in designing, planning and manufacturing, as well as installing and implementing demanding projects, spans more than five decades and has made us a trusted partner for project managers and customers. Our project engineers design custom-built solutions from the planning stage to final implementation. The long list of successful projects ranges from theatres, operas and concert halls, to high-profile broadcast, sporting and music events, public buildings and OB trucks.
Being true audio and video specialists, we deliver projects of any size in a timely manner. We have a proven track record of completing successful projects within challenging response times others would consider impossible. Most of our products are made-to-measure and include innovative functions. With ISO-certified production processes, the team at our German headquarters creates many custom-made solutions and products.

Our reliable and professional service has been appreciated by our large customer base for more than 50 years. In close collaboration with our customers, project managers and suppliers, we develop elaborate and future-proof solutions.

We are one of the few systems integrators to provide both large and small scale turnkey solutions.

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Our Fields of Expertise for you

  • Systemhaus Kompetenzen oben linksPlanning Expertise

    • Technical conceptualisation
    • Project planning and management
    • Preparation of tender and technical specifications
    • Planning support for builders
    • Technical analyses
    • Acoustics simulations
    • First-hand system development and contracting experience

  • Systemhaus Kompetenzen oben links Implementation Expertise

    • Turnkey, custom made systems solutions
    • Technical installations
    • Precision engineering and custom designs
    • Systems installation
    • Custom builds
    • Project implementation
    • Reliable implementation of time-critical projects
    • Project management

  • Systemhaus Kompetenzen oben links Service Expertise

    • Initial commissioning
    • Maintenance
    • Service
    • Installation team
    • 24/7 service
    • Trainings
    • Workshops

  • Systemhaus Kompetenzen oben links Research & Development Expertise

    • Development of precision hardware and software:
      • Digital mixing consoles
      • Digital audio routers
      • Intercom technology
      • Stage-management solutions
    • Custom solutions for media control applications

  • Systemhaus Kompetenzen oben links Product Expertise

    • Development of user-oriented products
    • Digital mixing consoles - digital audio routers
    • Intercom technology
    • Stage management solutions
    • Video and media control technology
    • Voice-over-IP systems
    • PA systems
    • Conference technology
    • Fire and emergency alarm systems
    • Evacuation systems
    • Intercom and commentator systems
    • Delivery of OB trucks and vans for broadcast applications
    • Product demonstrations

  • Systemhaus Kompetenzen oben links Competent Consulting

    • Workflow analyses that translate into technical structures
    • Customer focused requirement analyses
    • Deployment and implementation concepts
    • Product consulting
    • System consulting
    • Project consulting
    • Product demonstrations
    • Product comparison


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    Experienced Planning and Project Management

    Experienced Planning and Project Management

    Our experienced project engineers all over the world are on a mission to support our customers in realizing their dreams. They take care of absolutely everything: planning, project conceptualization, implementation, and the delivery of turnkey solutions while every step is thoroughly documented along the way.
    Audio-, Video- and Media Technology

    Audio-, Video- and Media Technology

    As a systems integrator with extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to deliver complex systems comprising high-end audio and video equipment. We provide custom-built control systems as well as leveraging the full potential of existing control solutions by renowned manufacturers. Of course, we are specialized in integrating digital audio and stage management equipment.
    Hands-on Training Sessions, Workshops and Demonstrations

    Hands-on Training Sessions, Workshops and Demonstrations

    We offer reliable and flexible support for our systems and products: our workshops, training on location, live demonstrations and seminars provide multi-faceted assistance for every situation. Our conference hall seats up to 200 people and offers state-of-the-art multimedia equipment. Furthermore, we can arrange seminars led by external experts of renowned institutions, if desired. The annual “HighTecDay” has become an event where selected participants gather to discover the latest product innovations.
    Reliable Repair and Service Workshop

    Reliable Repair and Service Workshop

    Our support team comprises experienced audio and video technicians. On the foundation of their thorough training, they provide a professional service, irrespective of whether they are dealing with next-generation technology, entire systems, amplifiers, uninterruptible power supplies, etc. Even vintage equipment poses no problem. The new commissioning team supports our customers from the first minute onwards and ensures a notably smooth process, including rapid troubleshooting subsequently. Several service options are available: hotline support, remote maintenance and 24/7 service.
    Plant Engineering Expertise

    Plant Engineering Expertise

    Our service portfolio covers all stages of a project – from the mechanical engineering and device integration stages all the way to initial testing, on-site installation, configuration and commissioning. In-house rack configuration, component mounting, wiring and quality inspection play a key role in our system designs. Our portfolio comprises a vast number of products: from public-address, emergency and intercom systems, to racks for video, audio and stage management applications, to high-end mixing consoles. To satisfy every single one of our customers, we not only offer an impressive product portfolio but also include products made by other manufacturers. Furthermore, we do not hesitate to design custom-made products and systems for our clients if special requirements of a project demand both creative and reliable solutions. When our products are installed, they are already thoroughly tested for glitches so they can be considered ready for stable operation immediately.
    State-of-the-Art Craftsmanship

    State-of-the-Art Craftsmanship

    The precision-engineering department in Buttenheim is famous for its innovative and professional approach: state-of-the-art machines allow us to consistently surpass our customers’ expectations with unique custom-made devices whose “Made in Germany” quality is second to none. Our engineers design the very finest patchbays, intercom cases and connection terminals, and our in-house powder coating department takes care of the finishing touch. The laser cutter and labelling systems as well as the metalworking shop ensure high flexibility while adhering to short production times – even for our most intricate custom-made solutions. All manufacturing steps are performed at our German headquarters by a team that works according to the DIN ISO 9001 standard, providing continuous high-quality process management.
    Large Warehouse and Efficient Logistics

    Large Warehouse and Efficient Logistics

    As a rule, we stock more than 300 kilometres of cables, from copper wire all the way to fibre-optic and built-to-order cables. This enables us to respond quickly to customer requests and to avoid downtimes. Our warehouse has its own packaging section and the integrated shipping department even deals with in-house customs clearance.