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    Broadcast, theatre, recording, sound reinforcement and live use — our digital audio-mixing consoles provide individual solutions for every application.

    prod Aurus-small


    the fully digital audio mixing-console system, consists of a main console and the separate audio processor NEXUS STAR. The NEXUS STAR rack accommodates all the processing components; the RMC main-controller board and up to seven RMD signal-processor boards.



    The basic idea behind the AURATUS was to design a compact digital console that could be used in predefined workflows in radio and TV production. Therefore, the AURATUS features not only a hardwired bus layout but also a user interface optimised for quick and simple operation.



    From the functionality and feature-set point of view the CRESCENDO mixing con­sole sits in between the AURUS and AURATUS. The console is a response to the increased demand for slimmed down user interfaces with reduced fea­ture sets.

    prod onair24 

    ON AIR 24

    is a modular, flexible and scalable system with control surfaces laid out to the broadcaster’s specification. It offers easy configuration for self-ops, studio clusters or small workshops. The console is simple and friendly to operate and can access to all resources in a shared NEXUS audio network.


    POLARIS touch

    is the world's first multifunctional console with touch control pairs with NEXUS signal processing. The console is ideal for theater and opera houses, multipurpose halls, event venues and convention centers.

    NEXUS – Digital Audio Routing and Interconnect System for switching rooms, networking broadcast complexes, sound-reinforcement, in O.B. trucks...

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    is an audio network and a router at the same time. It also provides for audio format conversion, A/D and D/A conversion, audio processing, data transmission, loudness metering, control interfaces, multichannel metering, amplifier control, intercom, logical functions, and much more …


    Interface boards for converting audio and ancillary data to the NEXUS 24-bit TDM format are available for a variety of digital formats. For Dolby E® signal transmission they are officially certified by Dolby.

    prod Nexus Star


    is a routing node serving as the core of a NEXUS installation and interconnecting numerous NEXUS Base Devices scattered over separate studios and apparatus areas via optical cables.

    prod inspi-small1 

    Stage Management Systems

    Nowadays, both theatres and opera houses rely on highly customized, cutting-edge and flexible stage management systems — we provide individual solutions for every application.

    prod pantura-small 


    is an digital voice evacuation system for any kind of application - paging, public address, control, monitoring and emergency alert systems: user-friendly, scaleable, with fresh and convincing ideas regarding safety.


    prod vivace-small 


    is a state-of-the-art electronic room-acoustics emulation system. It creates highly convincing spatial acoustic environments in any in- and outdoor environment. Vivace makes acoustics in a virtual and therefore highly variable way, which could not be achieved using conventional physical acoustics modifiers.

    prod delec-intercom 

    DELEC Intercom Solutions

    The oratis is a first-class intercom system. It is based on current FPGA technology and offers unique flexibility and future-proofing combined with DELEC’s renowned high reliability.


    prod delec-commentary 

    DELEC Commentary System

    oratis is a premium-class commentary system. Easy-to-use commentator terminals are connected directly to a top-class audio router which also acts as an I/O matrix.